Currently available to existing Macro Mavens nutrition clients only. Let us know if you have questions!

MM Fit

Simple. Sustainable. Successful.

Macro Mavens Fit is a holistic approach to physical fitness that is simple, sustainable and successful. We recognize the need for integrated wellness programs that fit your lifestyle and that won’t compromise on your health goals. MM Fit is a fully-customized training program that is scaled for any level of fitness and pairs with your nutrition plan for fat loss, muscle gain or maintenance phases.


No gym? No problem. Your coach will work with you to customize an at-home program with minimal equipment!

If you want to be healthy, happy and wholesome, MM Fit is for you! With a fully tailored program with your personal coach, you’ll be challenged to just the right degree depending on your experience level.

A significant advantage of using MM Fit to reach your fitness goals is that they work right in tandem with your nutrition plan, too. Your nutrition and fitness coach will be in communication with one another to make sure that your programs are complimentary towards your goals.


And it’s not just about what you do, but how you do it — your intention matters. Each workout will come with videos for each exercise as well as details on intended stimulus, breathing patterns and session goals so that your nervous system is maximized for performance potential and recovery.

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What are my options?

You can choose between a 2, 3 or 5 day per week of customized fitness programming. If you don’t have a gym membership, your coach will work with you to tailor an at-home, minimal-equipment program — the minimum requirements are a resistance band, pair of dumbbells and training sandbag. The prices are as follows:

What happens when I sign up?

MM Fit requires a minimum of a 3-month commitment to get started — your learning process during this time matters! You’ll fill out a questionnaire so that your coach can start to evaluate the best direction for your training program and you’ll immediately start on a one-week assessment process to set baseline results on five points of physical evaluation. After this period, you’ll have a virtual, one-on-one meeting with your coach to get an assessment of your results and what that means for the overarching goals of your program. At that point, you will jump into your prescribed training with your coach available throughout the process!  

Minimum At Home Equipment Needs

As you get prepared to jump into your prescribed workouts, you will need some tools on hand. You can purchase or obtain the below items from wherever you like. We did provide links in the event you would like suggestions. Please let us know if you have any questions!

Sarah Loogman


Sarah Loogman is a breath and movement specialist with nearly 10 year of experience as a fitness coach. She is the founder of Point One Vision, a 501c3 nonprofit organization that embodies her passion and knowledge of fitness to create opportunities to use strength and endurance to serve people around the world.

A dual-sport collegiate athlete, All-American track and field athlete, competitive Olympic weightlifter, and CrossFit Games competitor, she combines her athletic career with a rich learning experience in functional fitness, teaching clients and other coaches how to assess and adapt breathing patterns to better understand how to lose weight, gain muscle, decrease inflammation and improve cognitive and emotional wellbeing.

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